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One of the WVONGA's primary activities is its advocacy on behalf of the industry before the State Legislature and the State’s elected leadership. To do this, Association representatives must monitor legislation advocating passage or defeat, recommend alternatives and/or amendments to bills under consideration, testify before House & Senate committees advising on the effect of proposed legislation, and maintain relationships with members of the Legislature and their staffs.

Let our elected representatives know how important our industry is to the State of West Virginia. The links to the left allow you to directly contact our state and federal leaders and voice our support for the oil and natural gas industry in West Virginia. 

You can also use our list of StateSenatorsandDelegatesto quickly get the information you need.


The Mineral Efficiency Act, SB244, will create jobs, spur investment, preserve the environment!

WV poised to enter greatest period of gas development in state’s history but we must modernize laws in line w/ current tech. to get there.